Where could you buy a Loofah?

You are in luck, You landed on the right page online, Royal Loofah provides the highest quality, all natural loofahs to our customers across the USA, Delivered to your front door. We offer King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and Pet Loofah Sets.

Our Sets are all unique and you can choose a monthly subscription (recommended) or a one time purchase. We also offer individual Royal Loofahs as a per item purchase.

So yes, You can browse our online store for loofahs, and you will find the best quality at affordable prices.

Why you need to shower 2 times a day

The Human Body is 90% or so water! isn’t it crazy? We are made out of this stuff on the inside. it only makes sense to have that stuff on the outside too.

Showering once a day is unsanitary. If you shower in the morning your bed must smell like shit! If you shower at night you must have a really nasty work day!

You must shower 2 times a day. Here is the deal. The shower in the morning is always refreshing and opens up your pores, cleanses your sinuses for better breathing and energies the body as it cleanses away all the processing that has taken place in your digestive system.

Taking a poop in the morning followed by a long shower is almost guaranteed to make you feel on top daily.

Now you will also need that same refreshment 3 hourss before bed and to remove all of the 21st century dust and grime off your face and body .. all the sweat and dirt…. And I guarantee you will have a cleaner towel and a cleaner bed/pillow combo.

And you wouldn’t want to shower without one of our Elegant Exfoliating Royal Loofahs, Luffa, Leefa, Loof, Leyaf. Etc..

Royal Loofah was born

Royal Loofah is the all Natural skin wash that you have been dreaming of and never found. Lather it up with your favorite soap, and enjoy an exfoliation like no other. And here we are at the Royal Loofah HQ in Florida, where Loofahs for skin care is what we strive to deliver. Enjoy custom King, Queen, Kids and Pet Packages.